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            There are now many technologies for televisions or monitors . . . plasma, LCD, LED (rear- or edge-lit), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), rear projection (which can use multiple technologies), front projection (which also can use multiple technologies, such as LCD TFT or multiple forms of DLP).  Some monitors are flat, where others are curved.  There are also multiple technologies for audio for home theatres, generally using from three channels to 8 or more discrete channels (new technologies can use many more channels).  It can be difficult to determine which equipment will work satisfactorily for your application--and in the space you want to use.  David W. Potts Consulting, LLC (DWPC) can assit you with putting together an outrageous home theatre system, and teach you how to use it. 

            With some of the programmable remote controls available now, even complex equipment can be operated easily, once programmed properly.

             You might be amazed, how inexpensively a home theatre with a 120-inch HDTV screen and dynamite sound can be created.  Yes, that means the screen would be as large as four 60-inch screens (take that, all your friends who call their 60" monitor a "big screen")!  Imagine the Super Bowl, with life-size players, on your screen!  The screen can even be hidden in the ceiling until it is time to use the system, at which point it automatically deploys--making it possible to put a giant screen nearly anywhere.  Then there is the outdoor theatre aspect.

             Please click on the pictures below to enlarge the images of this home theatre we designed and constructed with 3 levels of stadium seating (levels 2 and 3 using folding theatre seats), 8 foot wide (just over 110 inch diagional) 1080P HD front projection system, 750 Watt 7.1 channel audio system and home automation integrating the lights and the automatic curtains that hide the media.  Levels 2 and 3 sport tables for food and beverages.  Lights illuminate the steps and hidden lights in the soffets in the rear of the room cast a gentle indirect light off the ceiling to allow safe movement, during viewings.  This system utilizes a Philips Pronto remote control to simplify controlling the system.  The remote control uses macros and a customizable touch screen so sophisticated that even a child could operate the system.  Logitech offers a much more affordable universal remote system with their Harmony series.

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