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General Electronics Consulting

           Electronics and computers are becoming more and  more complex as they continue to evlove.  There are also new technologies that can do many amazing things, but, again, they can be complex and difficult to install or integrate into your existing environment.  With over 35 years of experience with advanced technologies, David W. Potts Consulting, LLC (DWPC) can help you select the components that will provide the functionality you desire, help make them work with your existing equipment, and teach you how to use them.

           We have assisted many people who had spent great deals of time and become extremely frustrated while attempting to set up new equipment, themselves.  You can avoid this time and frustration by allowing us to set up your equipment for you and train you how to use it.

           There are new remote controls that can be programmed through your computer to control complex home theatre and home automation systems without requiring the user to have much knowledge of the systems.  These remote controls can also consolidate many remote controls into a single, intelligent control and accomplish multiple tasks with the touch of a single button (such as automatically turn on your TV, receiver and Blu-Ray player, select the appropriate input on the receiver and TV, then close the blinds and dim the lights in the room (with another button to reverse the process)).

          Wired and wireless networking can be used to share your Internet connection, share files, printers and scanners between your computers and even share audio and video content around your home or office.  Many people are not aware of the risks associated with these networks and, if they are not configured properly, can be exposed (people could use your network and possibly copy files and gain personal information, which could be used toward identity theft).

          Home automation systems can do amazing things and can help you save energy and perform tasks when and how you want.

          We would like the opportunity to help you utilize advanced technologies--and do it in ways that are easy to understand and use.  Please call or email us so that we can make your life even more exciting and entertaining!

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