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            David W. Potts Consulting, LLC (DWPC) specializes in wired and wireless computer networking.  Networking can allow you to share your Internet connection, share files between computers on your network, share printers and scanners on your network and even remotely control another computer or send music to other locations, just to name a few applications.  New applications are being developed, daily.

             Wireless networks can also pose other issues . . . due to security and environmental items.  A wired network is more secure than a wireless network, but there are many steps that can be taken to help ensure your safety, wirelessly.  Items such as walls, floors, cabinets and fireplaces can attenuate or degrade the wireless signal, making the wireless connection spotty or slow.  Other devices (phones, microware ovens, failing florescent lamps, wireless security cameras, etc.) can also interfere with wireless signals.  There are many technologies to help extend wireless networks, if you experience issues with your WiFi coverage.

             Any network that connects to the Internet should be secured, to help ensure your computer is safe from intruders (which can lead to damage to your software or identity theft).  Wireless networks must be secured, even if they are not connected to the Internet, as they can be accessed maliciously by others, much more easily than wired networks. 

             Business users may benefit from security appliances, that further help thwart attacks from the Internet.

             We will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment to network your computers and to secure your network, as well as to help you share your files and peripherals, as desired.

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