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Front View of Home Theatre


This installation sports an 8 foot wide (just over 110 inch diagional) 1080P HD front projection system, 750 Watt 7.1 channel audio system and home automation integrating the lights and the automatic curtains that hide the media.  This system utilizes a Philips Pronto remote control to simplify controlling the system.  The remote control uses macros and a customizable touch screen so sophisticated that even a child could operate the system.  A hidden beacon flashes when the doorbell rings, at which point the viewer can press a button on the remote control to view who is at the door.  In a similar fashion, another beacon flashes when the telephone rings, providing an unobtrusive indication that the telephone is ringing.  A digital clock projects the time on the ceiling, in a manner that is not seen unless intentionally looking at that portion of the ceiling.  Tables have been installed in front of the second and third rows, providing a place for viewers to rest food or drink.

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