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Rear View of Home Theatre


You can see the Bose side and rear speakers for the 750 Watt 7.1 channel audio system, mounted near the ceiling.  The home automation system integrates the lights, so that the house lights are automatically dimmed and lights hidden in the soffets automatically rise to provide a gentle, indirect light that allows viewers to move about the theatre safely.  This system utilizes a Philips Pronto remote control to simplify controlling the system.  The remote control uses macros and a customizable touch screen so sophisticated that even a child could operate the system.  Tables have been installed in front of the second and third rows, populated with theatre seats, providing a place for viewers to rest food or drink.  The handles on the panel at the rear of the room are affixed to an acoustic and optical plug that keeps light and sound out of the theatre (from a window) and keeps sound from escaping the theatre, while providing an exit in case of fire.  The projector is an Epson Home Cinema Series, with a 3-LCD light engine with 1080P native resolution.  The electronics, including a gaming computer, HD DVR, Blu-Ray player and SVHS VCR are located in the closet on the right.

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