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Backup and Data Recovery

           There are many causes for data loss, including viruses (including "ransomware" that can encrypt your data, making it unusable) and hardware or software failure (a hard disk, Flash drive, optical media, etc., are all subject to physical or logical failure).  The best way to safeguard your data is by having a backup . . . or backups in multiple locaitons.

           We strongly suggest that any data you care about (email, pictures, etc.) is saved in at least two locations.  One of the locations can be on your computer (or phone, tablet, etc.), but any data you would prefer not to lose should also be kept on a USB Flash drive, backed up to an external disk, backed up to a Cloud service, etc.  Advantages to Cloud-based backup include disaster recovery (if you experience a flood, fire or theft), but disadvantages can include a great amount of time required to restore data, and, if necessary, rebuild the operating system.  Depending on your needs, a local solution, augmented with a Cloud-based solution could be good fit.  We will be happy to help you decide what backup scenarios best fit your needs.

          Good news . . .  if you are not in the Portland area, we can help you with your backup soluiton, remotely.

           Unfortunately, it has been our experience that far too many people do not back up their data until they have experienced a catestrophic failure . . . often too late, at that point.  These failures vary from computers that won't start to computers that have been dropped or filled with pop or coffee.  Backup is very cheap insurance against data loss.  In many cases, DWPC can recover information from hard disk dirves, even if Windows won't boot.  Although there are some cases where data recovery must be performed in a clean room, with specialized equipment (a service we use from a separate company, which can easily cost $2,000.00), we are often able to use our equipment and software to recover your data, at a small fraction of the cost of these other services.  Again . . . your best option is to back up anything you care about.

          All currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows 7 and above) include a utility that will create an "image backup", that will back up your data, programs, settings and Microsoft Windows, itself.  Please let us help you create a comprehensive backup program protect your data before that catastrophe hits your computer.

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